Smart Lighting Ideas For Your Home

For decades we’ve been using those incandescent bulbs and normal tube lights to light our spaces. Just like our phones weren’t that smart in the 2000s, our lighting at homes is still facing the struggle. The difference somehow remains in the mindset of the consumer. Still many consumers are unaware of how smart lighting has evolved and is supremely capable of transforming the ambience of your space – be it indoor or outdoor. Today, a bunch of cool lighting tips can be explored to spruce up your homes which are possible by installing smart lighting setups.

Smart RGB lighting for Gamers

Smart lighting ideas for your home

Whether you’re enjoying Valorant or Fall Guys or even fighting the army in Call of Duty, it is important to get the right vibe. A lot of you must be investing in good gaming consoles to upgrade your experience. But, to indulge in an immersive gaming vibe, one must not forget to install smart RGB strip lighting. You can install a smart LED backlighting setup to get the most of it and enhance your gameplay. These smart strip lighting setups come in multiple colour presets and are highly customizable and flexible. 

Party all night with smart lights!

Bring the best and flaunt it with style while you’re partying at home. With the plethora of mood lighting options available you can create different zones in each of your rooms to provide a holistic party experience for your guests. And all of this only stands possible with smart lighting. Smart lighting acts as a “cherry on the cake” when you’re hosting your friends and families over a get together or any festival celebration. On top of that, it’s absolutely hassle free. Just say “Alexa, turn on the Party mood lighting” to add a sparkle to your ambience. Infact, here’s a pro tip for you all. Illuminate all walls and artefacts which you want to show your guests and highlight it with the best possible lighting combinations.

Illuminate your entertainment

Smart lighting ideas for your home

Schedule a cult classic on your smart TV tonight or is there a big match on the box? We’ve an ultimate solution because entertainment doesn’t have to be stressful at all with smart lighting. You can set the mood to cool white or warm yellow as per your choice. You can sport it with bias lighting behind your TV sets and increase the entertainment quotient.

Romantic vibe at just a tap

Just like you can set the mode for your parties or at-home movie nights, with smart lights you can create a soft, romantic dinner date ambience right inside your living room! Smart lights come with scene selection options and features that let you adjust the colour temperature and brightness of your smart lights. Dim the lights, change the mood and let the conversations flow!

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