Lighting Trends of 2021 That You Need to Know Before Your Next Home Makeover

An often underrated aspect of interior decoration, lighting can really make or break your home renovation game. And with us all spending a whole year cooped up inside our homes, there has been a radical shift in our focus towards our nest – whether it is comfortable, does it have a positive vibe, is it fashioned in a way that makes working more productive but at the same time still retains the homely element that will cater to the much necessary ‘unwind’ time on our to-do. The list goes on.

Ranging from geometric shapes like spherical structures and clusters in dynamic arrangements to colourful shades, from old fashioned fixtures to energy efficient futuristic lighting solutions—2021 definitely looks bright and promising.

Lighting as an element of design

Lighting is now rapidly changing tracks from being a functional territory to the hero element of our spaces. Ceiling lights when placed thoughtfully and designed artfully can really transform the look and feel of your room. While we can afford to go all out and bold in larger spaces, even the smaller spaces that are tricky can host unconventional light fittings if we balance it out by dialling back on other design elements. Lamps can double up as pieces of art that accentuate a beautiful sideboard or accompany a larger furniture piece by coming in bold designs and experimental structures and textures. This helps you make a style statement even when the light is turned off.

Lighting as an element of design

Experimental colours and structures

Be it in our lives or inside our homes, a little colour goes a long way in lifting up the overall mood and vibe. We can look at adding bright hues by accessorising our lighting scheme with lamp shades in unique patterns that add a unique pop of their own. Instead of sticking to one main lighting source, spread out in favour of a scattered lighting scheme that flatters your senses and lets you be more experimental with what corner you would like to illuminate. Not just hues, but 2021 will see a unique mix of materials and finishes, like a combination of bronze and gold.

Warm Tones

Continuing from the past year, there is still a dominant preference for lights emanating a warm glow, which can be easily, not to mention, efficiently achieved through LEDs. You get the same colour that an incandescent bulb radiates, but without the waste of energy and savings. Moreover, more and more people flock towards a warm light setting as it transitions the mood of a space from bright and ambient to soft and romantic.

Warm Tones

Sustainable glow

In all domains of our lives, there is a growing awareness towards switching to alternatives that are sustainable, and nature friendly. Lighting as a space, has not been left behind. A global switch to energy-efficient LED can drastically reduce CO2 emissions, something which traditional sources of lighting gravely contribute to. Simply Retrofits offer everything that is the need of the hour – energy saving, reduced electricity consumption, longer life-span and all of this in a functional design that spruces up your interiors. It’s a win win, really.

 Sustainable glow

Smart Homes

We’re living in an era of convenience and one more space where we will see technology work its magic will be the smart lighting solutions that we can apply in our homes. From colour changing, to changing the tones of lights, to controlling it all from the convenience of an App, 2021 will witness a big jump in the interest curve towards smart lights. Our LED solutions has simplified it all by combining its diverse product range with a simple home automation setup.

Smart Home

So before you brainstorm on how to revamp your space, do keep these lighting trends in mind. The right lighting can transform your abode in ways you cannot imagine.

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